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Thursday, May 26, 2005

(*) Another Finn Triumph ii

I was spontaneous and bought the Finn Brothers' latest CD "Everyone Is Here" on Friday - and already I'm playing the life out of it! I love it - if you love Crowded House, these are the same guys (Neil and Tim Finn) and the same style of self-reflective near-perfect pop you're ever likely to hear! Whoo hoo!

Here's my previous post about this CD - it gets RAVE reviews! Pls check it out... Another Finn Triumph

One of those little things I'm thankful for, with all the bits-and-pieces from mum's empty place, is - a headphone extension lead! No, I mean... I can sit and watch TV or listen to my CD's late at night without disturbing my housemate! It's like a 25-foot long lead - that I keep wrapped up around an old toilet roll! hahahahaa! The good thing is... it's got a volume control at this end, so I can adjust the volume easily if it gets too loud. I don't listen to music thru headphones very loudly nowdays... I must be getting old... anyway, right now I'm listeing to Pink Floyd playing "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" - so perhaps I am just an old fart after all?!? hahahaa.

I splurged the other night at sent myself off to the movies to see "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" - don't bother. It was good - but uninspired. I'm a HUGE fan of Douglas Adam's 5 books of the trilogy, but this film doesn't have the same... vibe... about it... a valiant effort for a book that's quite impossible to film... the funniest bit is during the final credits - pure Douglas!

A Photo - aren't compliant children aways delightful? lol

(NB. This is an edited post from my old blog - it went a bit nuts somehow - I still don't understand what happened! But - it was making my old blog soooo sloooowwww!)

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On May 27, 2005 10:59 PM, Blogger Monica said...

Hey Mal:

Haven't spoken to you in awhile, hope you've been well. Speaking of headphones, why don't you buy some cordless headphones! That way you wouldn't have to carry your toilet paper roll around!!! Perhaps someone should send you an Ipod for your b-day!! Be good!

On May 28, 2005 4:32 AM, Blogger Trollmama said...

"Crowded House"? "Shine on you crazy diamond"? Love of the 5-book trilogy "Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy"? Mal, we must have been siblings in a former life. I tip my hat and holler "Comrade!" at you!

And i loved the Zinnia interview, btw...

Much love, Trollmamma xx

On May 28, 2005 2:53 PM, Blogger Mallard said...

Cordless headphones, Monica?! An Ipod?!? OMG - do you mean to tell me they've invented the electric-type wireless now?!? I just can't keep up with all these changes in technology! Let me just keep wriggling the chips on my 186PC here... lol What would I do with an Ipod? There's only so many songs The Beatles have released, you know! hahahaa.

Yes Trollmama, it's true - we were twins separated at birth by a few years... Huzah!


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