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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Photo Galleries

Mal's Pics - late 2006

Mal's pics 2004-05

The Boys - early 2007

The Boys - late 2006

The Boys - June-September 2006

The Boys - mid '05

Family Gallery

Wyreema II - 'Laser' sailing dinghy #82666 (from Xmas 2006)

Wyreema - 'Solo' sailing dinghy @ Carcoar Dam

Carcoar Dam Sailing Club

Cairns Holiday - May 2006

Sydney Revisited - mid 2006 - old childhood stomping ground; some family graves; Sydney views

Aussie Bush Views

George Johnston & Charmian Clift - my favourite Aussie writers

Hydra, Greece

Kiama, & George Johnston's Grave

Mal's Car - 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer
(April 2006)

The Beatles


Bathurst Show, April 2005

NB. This is kind-of an experiment to publish various photos...

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