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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Internet Website Links

Here's some vitally hot websites
for you to check out!!!

Photo Galleries

Maljam's Message Board

- Rev. Mallard d'Quackers

We're Not Afraid - fark the terrorists

Foot and Chair - another very silly blog

Blog Rules
- maybe...?

Real E Fun - world's greatest blog - seriously!

Silly News Stories - the strange & the true in today's news

Poetry, Art & Lint - Mal's poetry blog

Music Collection

Vote in Mallard's Polls - rate this blog... and three other questions...

My Pet Mallard - a cyber pet...?

Random Page - something new everytime you visit!

The Beatles - the greatest pop group - ever!

Mal's Beatles Quiz - how much do you know about...?

George Johnston & Charmian Clift - my fav Aussie writers

Hydra, Greece - paradise on earth?

Johnstons on Hydra, Greece - great Aussie authors in Lotus Land

Thoon - my Goldfish

Wyreema - Aussie steamer and sailing boats

Carcoar Dam Sailing Club

The Simpsons

Diconary of Strange Definitions - Loopy Diconary

Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia

Urban Dictionary - define your world (Thanx 3rd daughter for the link)

Monty Python and the Holy Grail - the entire script

Phoons - the still-posed photo site extrodinaire!!! (Thanx to pattycamwatchers for the link)

Junk & Ponderables - aphorisms and strange sayings - too close to home...

Title-o-Matic - for when you just can't think of what to name your next post...

- the pie revolution has begun!

2nd-Hand Books - book search

Robert Lowell, Poet

Online Bass Guitar Tuner and Bass Info

Mallard's Nudist Video Volleyball Championships gallery...

Law Enforcement Contact Page - report that disgustingly filthy website here!

Landover Baptist - great satire

Continuous Call Team - Rugby League (endearing) idiots

Organ Donation - you can't take it with you

Freeware software downloads online

Kruger National Park - live webcam of an African waterhole - pretty cool (Thanx Ms Twat for the site)

Flash Earth - view your town close-up from space! It takes a bit to load, but it's awesome!!!


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