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Sunday, July 10, 2005

(*) Water flowing under a distant bridge

Here's me getting stuck behind the wheel of a V8 Super Car! JD took this today. Can you see the way the eczema is affecting my neck? Not good. Plus there's some strange painless swelling just below the ear there... hmmm... I'm falling apart at last!

I had a good online chat on IM - and even a 10-minute phone call - with Dee last night. She's a married woman a few years' older than I am who lives in South Australia. We used to meet and have fun enjoying each others' company in a MSN chatroom a few years' ago, along with about 20+ other people from all over the world. Unfortunately, at the time Dee and I had a major falling out. Since then we've exchanged the occasional email, and last night we had a good catch-up time, just like nothing had ever happened. That was really positive for me - I hate feeling as if someone's holding something against me... Me, paranoid...? No way... everybody hates me! hahahaa!

Spent a few hours with the boys today at the Motor Racing Museum - a good time was had by all. I didn't get much sleep last night, and when they rang at 9.30 this morning, I'd only been asleep for about 3 hours! Major D'OH! Needless to say, I had a nap this arvo, but now I've got a splitting headache at 10.30 at night - silly old fool that I am sometimes.

I finally remembered to hook up the small Roland drum machine next to my bass and little amp late this arvo... it's been sitting there in the music-gear milk-crate for years - I'd practically forgotten I even had it. So now I can listen to a simple drum machine chugging away in my earphones and practise chugging along with me bass! Ahhh... it's only taken 20 years! pmsl!

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Week 127

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Do-it-yourself:: bruised thumbs and egos
  2. Pickpocket:: nasty piece of work
  3. Ballet:: Sunday arvo's ABC
  4. Resumé:: Who the hell am I?
  5. Phenom:: Cambodia
  6. Love/Hate:: Love Brussel Sprouts & hate caramel
  7. Unusual:: It's Not
  8. Intense:: concentration clipping your toenails
  9. Interruption:: Coitus
  10. Not enough:: see above - lol

My Soundtrack: "Help!" The Beatles
Footwear: bare butt nekkid! Me head's warm - must be this norty headache... where are those panadol...?
Weather: cold, windy, wet - welcome to mid-winter - and no, it didn't snow last night, but felt like it did somewhere...
Mal (Mallard d'Quackers) :o)
"Excuse me, which way is the stage?" (Audience member, lost at Altamont, 1969)


On July 11, 2005 2:56 PM, Blogger caroline said...

glad your having fun with the boys. We took our kids fishing yesterday they really enjoyed themselves. its stuff like that they will always remember.


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