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Saturday, July 09, 2005

(*) Every speck of dust

My most sincere thoughts go out to those people and families adversely affected by the devastating ideological idiocy that's taken place in Central London. What else can I say? No one I've been in contact with via email/chat etc over the years has been immediately affected, thankfully.

Awww... the boys are sick-as with colds and flu this weekend, so we won't be catching-up today, at least. Maybe tomorrow. However, if they're feeling sick... they don't need to go out romping about in the freezing winter air when they feel blech! Apparently, Ix was coughing so much yesterday - it made him throw-up - poor bloke! :(

Speaking of freezing... it may snow here tomorrow... ack! Time to plonk on another flannie! lol. Good weather to be stuck inside 'studying' - reading, going crazy with a highlighter, scribbling notes, drafting assignments - all the while sitting on the side of my bed. Not bad, not bad! At least the cricket is on the box again tonite... get the blankies out and snuggle up on the sofa... too bleedin' cold to go out to watch it at the RSL Club tonite (poor old fart that I am! lol). And I've been chugging away on my bass a bit too... it's slowly getting better and getting the strength back in my hand and consistent coordination again. Playing guitar is like riding a bike (I think I've said this before...?) You don't forget, but your level of competence and technique may vary. That's why I've gotta practise again and again - I use to play bass like ALL the time a few years' ago, but after basically not touching it, it's like just going thru doing scales and other basic stamina stuff all over again, to get 'it' back again - and it IS coming back - and quickly. I enjoy it, tho... that's the main thing. I can always hear 'in my head' the rest of the band and how it all fits together. At least being able to 'play by ear' (not literally!) means I can chug along to most CD's that I have... just trying to remember what key a songs' in is the problem! hahahaa. (Some things don't change... a bass-player's in-joke - D'oh!)

I burned my first CD's yesterday - and they even work! I'm such a novice! Now I can get some of those great pics of the boys printed and enlarged - at last! I mean... it's so much easier using just one CD than a whole pile of floppy disks to do that! hahahaa. Random thought - never get a black keyboard (like this new one)... they show up EVERY speck of dust within a hundred miles! lol.

Having a mid-afternoon nap this arvo, I had one of those very bizarre Disney/Fantasia/Bambi type technicolour meaningless adventure dreams.. the funny thing is I remember having the same dream - but about 30 years’ ago! Very strange! I'm sure it doesn't 'mean' anything, but it's interesting remembering the same dream after all those years have passed! Hmmm... strange untapped thing, the human mind, you know... but, maybe it was those bush mushrooms I had for lunch...? No no no... pmsl!

Random thought... it's amazing to realise that it's been just over three months since my mum passed away! Wow - time flies.

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On July 10, 2005 10:03 AM, Blogger Raehan said...

Hope your kids are feeling better soon!

I barely know how to burn a CD myself.

On July 11, 2005 12:20 AM, Blogger Mallard said...

They felt a bit better today, ty - thank goodness. Yeah, I'm a novice at burning and cd's and stuff too... trial and error... I mucked up one CD the other day already! Talk about learning the hard way! lol
Mal :o)


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