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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

(*) A quick thought in passing

Just passing thru this evening, and thought I'd just say hello, Ms Paige. :)

Thoon fishie has a brand-new fishie tank today! He's 'upsized' from 7 1/2 liters - to 18 liters! He doesn't know what do do with himself with all that space! But - it's much better for him, I'm sure. He's grown slowly and steadily in the c.18+ months I've had him swimming in his aquatic world atop my desk, you know...

Here's some pics of the boys, taken just this past weekend. Aint they handsome - YES!

Two days, and two job interviews... today's looks good (for a cedar shutter factory), and another tomorrow (for a cleaning co.), and then possibly another on Friday. You know, it never rains... no no, it's good, believe me!

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