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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Still Alive

I'm still alive - just using a different blog :)

Friday, March 23, 2007

(*) ATTN: Ahmed Youseff

Ahmed Ahmed Ahmed!
I have been unable to reply to all of your emails because they keep bouncing back to me undeliverable with the message "No such user"!!! I can read yours, but I am unable to reply to you using the email address you send it to me with!!!
Ahmed - what is your current email address???? Gagh!

At least try to make contact thru my Guestbook


Monday, March 19, 2007

(*) Hmmm... maybe...?

On second thoughts, I may not actually close this blog, but rather the *amount* of 'personal content' I post here. Which, for me, defeats the purpose of the thing... hmmm... I'm still in two minds about it all, now I've cooled down a little after earlier today.
Wait and see, Mallard, wait and see...
Right now I'm listening to some relaxing mind-mellowing classical music for a change... Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons"! Good stuff... it definitely seems to be helping me unwind.

Mallard d'Quackers

Stop Press...
I have opened a new blog. Privacy and security problems I have been having here have been solved with the new one, even tho I've had to resort to IP bannings :(

If you haven't been alerted to the new blogs' address, email me to find out. Thanks.
[ at ]

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(*) Last post

I don't think I'll post here anymore. You know how I made the paranoid comment about my ex-wife a few posts' ago? Well, it actually happened. Misquoted it came back to me. So, thanks to the asshats who can't do the decent thing - even tho they call thermsleves "Christians", I'm gonna wind this right down again.
I'm suck and tired of people misquoting me out of context thru this blog, the way it gets back to me.
Thank you very very much. I hope you are very happy with yourselves. Congratulations.

To those of you who have remained loyal internet friends thru here - I honestly thank you for your sincere feedback and friendship thru the last few years.

But - I'm just so disappointed in my ex-wifes' latest actions, I'm absolutely despondant. To those who care - I'm sorry. But there's not much point in sharing *anything* on here if it's gonna get distorted back to me, is it?

I'll try to get in contact with my regular blog readers and let them know if I start another blog-type site somewhere lese. But I sure wont post the site here. If you don't hear from me, please drop me a message.

Oh, and by the way - let my ex-wife know she's now gonna face a court/legal battle. Let's see how THAT gets back to me. Enough is enough. Five years is just too long to put up with this shit.


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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

(*) Kangaroo

I painted this "Sidney Nolan"-inspired Kangaroo when I was in about First Class at school, aged about 6-ish...

These days it's framed and sitting on display on the side of my bookcase... one of the first things you see as you go to enter my bedroom here :)

I say Sidney Nolan-inspired, because I dunno why but it makes me think of Nolan's work somehow... especially the interesting tones... and the orange glowing eyes! oooohhh!!! The bush theme, the dark, sombre tones... kinda weiird for a kid to paint? Or perhaps I'm just trying to read too much into it...? yes yes, that's it...

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