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Saturday, March 10, 2007

(*) Kidney Stone - ouch!

What a fun day... awoke this morning all hyped and ready to spend the day out on the water sailing - was looking like a simply glorious sunny fine day... about half an hour after awakening, I felt the urge of nature, but nothing happened. Hmmm... Soon after a slowly-increasing pain was radiating from my lower-left side, radiating across to the back behind the kidney. It didn't take too long to figure out that I hadn't just pulled a muscled in my side somehow... this was the fourth time in about 11 years I'd experienced this kinda thing.
Sure enough, after going up to the local hospital, after assorted blood tests, x-rays and even a cat-scan, they found what I already told them I knew what was happening... a 3mm kidney stone was making its way between kidney and bladder!
"Ouch" is an understatement! Nethertheless, the norty little obstruction managed to make its way - eventually - into the bladder. Normally they just break up inside there and pass quite harmlessly. Anyways, that's what happened. Yay. I'm still pretty drugged-out and spaced-out on just a mix of assorted painkillers and anti-inflamatories etc, but I'm OK, actually.
I'm still planning on going out to the dam tomorrow with my boat... even if I don't feel well or strong enough to actually go out, Mr Hoon is bringing two of the young people from the Sailing Club and two other boats, so I'll still have someone to hang out with. Yay.
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