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Saturday, March 03, 2007

(*) The Show

I had a decent nights' sleep - first for a few days, and the alarm actually awoke me before I beat it up this morning. Still feeling just... 'bloated'? Not 100%. But I felt fine as soon as I got in the car and picked up mah boys, and we went to "the Show". I was expecting hordes of crowds, but the reality was quite otherwise - quite relaxed and lots of open space to get onto rides and stuff. of course the whole thing was expensive, but what the hey, it's only once a year. The boys loved the dodgem cars - we went back quite a few times! heh heh. There wasn't a huge crush of people queing either, so there was plenty of long sessions for all of us, thankfully.

And it was rather warm as well... plus with all the recent rain, it felt quite muggy as well, but not intolerable or anything that dramatic. The 'Show' was good, but not 'great'?!? I dunno... we went around and saw everything at least twice - that took us a few hours anyways - but I dunno... it didn't seem as 'exiting' or 'frantic' as it was last time. It's hard to put my finger on it. We all had fun and a good time, but we all agreed to head out after about 3 1/2 hours.. we were all feeling a bit tired, I guess! heh heh

I've got some photos still sitting on mah camera, and once I sort out how my laptop is gonna go, I'll upload and post some etc.
I just slightly adjusted the width of this blog page... does the set-out look any better/clearer to you, dear viewer? I had my doubts it was showing properly on IE, but I think I've fixed it... let me know if it looks any different to you, please? Thanx :)

I'm listening to "Temple of Low Men" CD album by Crowded House [1988].
Crowded House - Temple of Low Men

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