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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

(*) Bloody State Elections

There's a bleedin' NSW State Election in the wind here, due in the next four weeks or so. I'm rather disappointed at the quality of candidates in both my local electorate, and the leadership of the main Parties as well. Needless to say, I am at the moment quite undecided as to whom I shall vote for!

As far as the whole political process goes in general (and you are allowed to call me a total cynic, alrite? heh heh), it can be summed up thus:

Wow... I had no idea how long it would be to change my new email address details on all the things I have registered for online! It's taken me hours! But - it's done once and for all now. Yay!

Monday, February 26, 2007

1. Do you ever use all caps when typing online messages? rarely... no, NEVER!!!

2. Does it bother you when other people use all caps in their messages? Not really, but netiquette tells me it says you are YELLING at me! heh heh.

3. Do you use abbreviations (i.e. lol, brb, etc.) when typing email messages or text messages? Me? Never! lol I'm not as bad as JD or Timothy, tho! rofl

4. Do you ever receive faxes or other correspondence from a professional office that are typed in all caps? If so, what do you think of that? I haven't, but if I did I would consider that a very unprofessional presentation.

5. Do you rely on the computer program to catch your typing errors, or do you proofread your material before sending it out? Both! [blushes]

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