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Saturday, February 24, 2007

(*) Working properly

Here's me, swearing and cursing [so to speak] at Blogger, because it wouldn't accept my password... and then after a while I finally remember that I changed some of my log-in details - it was ME, not it! D'oh! Silly me!

I'm still awaiting a new battery for my laptop to arrive... I'm using the desktop at the moment, which is fine. But the laptop is the machine with all the sailing club info on it, and I can't edit stuff on it while it's not working properly! heh heh Not to worry.

Sailability tomorrow out at Chifley dam. I'll be helping out by taking disabled people out sailing in the Access 303 dinghies - and loving it. Looks like I'll be attending a State Championship Regatta next month as well, helping take some disabled people out in that! heh heh Looking forward to that... I haven't sailed out of Belmont/Lake MacQuarie for like 20 years! heh heh

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On February 25, 2007 2:21 PM, Blogger caroline said...

That sounds like fun for all!
Be Safe and enjoy yourself.


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