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Friday, January 05, 2007

(*) Fun thing happened

The boys and I are spending the day together tomorrow! Planning to watch "Happy Feet" at the cinema, then we'll probably go and get wet playing down by the river. The towns' swimming pool is closed this summer - they're rebuilding it - so our days lazing about in the water are fairly limited this summer. Oh well. I'm just so excited to be able to hang out with them again. No agendas, just being together.

heh heh. Here's me, saying for about a year I would never get myself a Laser (totally happy with the 'Solo' - which I am!), and lo and behold I now own one (just gotta learn how to sail the thing tho). There's another newish guy at the Sailing Club as well who's just gone and got himself a Laser as well! There are Lasers literally coming out of the woodwork out there! Now all we need is the water to sail 'em on! Gagh! That made me laugh out loud... yet another Laser in our small Club! Hahahaaa! Excellent! If we even manage to be all out at the same time, it'll be Laser land for sure out at Carcoar! Look out for Laser chaos at the Oberon Regatta in 2 weeks' time! hehheh Hopefully the parts I've ordered will be ready for me to pick 'em up in Sydney by mid-week, they told me. Fingers' crossed!

So much for the small regatta out at Windamere... one of the locals posted some pictures from the dam, and at 25% capacity it's a freaking mudpuddle! Looks the same as ours, which has just hit the miserable 12% mark - and still dropping!!! :(

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