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Thursday, January 04, 2007

(*) spaghetti-for-brains

// (say spuh'getee-fuh-braynz)
noun Colloquial (derogatory) a person who complicates everything unnecessarily.

There's one guy I've known online for about a year, and this sums him up perfectly. He just frustrates the life out of me! I always feel the need to justify every single breath that passes my lips when I speak to him, he's so pedantic and anal! The thing that annoys me the MOST is... if I didn't care about the guy as a friend, then I just wouldn't care! lol. Catch-22!!!
nanna nap
/ / (say 'nanuh nap)
noun Colloquial a short sleep taken, often in the afternoon, in order to re-energise oneself. [NANNA + NAP1]
Hey, MY dad could out power-nap the best of 'em! When I was a kid and go on our long driving holidays in the family car (remember those?), dad would stop in the late afternoon by the side of the road somewhere, and literally nap soundly in the drivers seat for 10 minutes! Mum and I would go for a short walk, and when we'd come back, he'd be refreshed and ready to go for another few hours driving! heh heh. I still dunno how he ever did that! But - good on 'im!

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On January 05, 2007 8:38 AM, Blogger broomhilda said...

I love a good power nap, about 10-15 min. it refreshes th little synaps fireing about my brain.


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