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Friday, October 06, 2006

(*) Jottings

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My little car is going wonderfully. I cringed when I accidentally made its first small scratch on the roof last Sunday. An accident, obviously. It'll just polish out. One of the 'joys' of having a dark-coloured car is that it doesn't take much to make it seem dirty... tho I can't complain using a nice cold hose on a hot sunny afternoon washing... Some things never end tho. Car Insurance is due at the end of the month. Shopping around for a better deal/price, I found my current insurer has the best value for me, which is nice to know. One less thing to have to think about.

Driving to and from Sydney the other week always brings back some fond memories... at one point along the freshly rebuilt highway, there used to be some roadworks with a huge mountain of earth that was slowly filling up a small gully. The steep slope faced sharply downhill in the same direction as the traffic, right next to the road... to me, it will always be the "Irish Safety Ramp" - 100km/h straight down...

The price of fuel between home and the city is outrageous... at home it was $1.25/litre... 120kms away on the Blue Mountains it was $107.7/litre... how do they justify that difference??? They bloody CAN'T!!! Grrr!

Driving to the sailing club the other day (a 100km / 62 mile round trip), I smiled as I caught, out of the corner of my eye, a Kangaroo with a small Joey sticking its head out of her pouch. Very kute! The cows sometimes become rather curious when someone comes along with their sailing boat out at the boatshed. Yet as soon as I was out on the water last weekend, andsailed near them, they panicked and stampeded back up the hill enmass! Really quite funny.

Yes, boxer shorts... and T-shirts as well. I don't know what got into me, but I went from like three new shirts to like eight! One side affect is that now I have some old t-shirts to use as polishing rags, I guess... keeping the Wee Waa cotton industry in business, I guess. At least I'm not spending too much... I *did* save $10 on the new 256MB memory card for my camera, and $15 off a copy of the fantastically brilliant DVD "The Incredibles". Thank goodness for the $282 tax refund this year. I gave my original copy of "The Incredibles" to the boys, and it's such a great film I just had to have a copy. And I finally remembered to get a new battery in my wristwatch! It doesn't take long to get out of the habit of checking your wrist for the time.

I still don't know how I did it, but I lost one of the rechargeable batteries that goes with my digital camera. Must have fallen out of my camera bag somewhere. I had to duck out and purchase some more, simply because as I was now down to three batteries, the recharger simply didn't work with the 'odd' number! Stoopid things. Anyways, the batteries I ended up getting have a much better 'holding' power than the old ones anyways. Yay!

2' 07" is the quickest lap around Mt Panorama today - and it's just a qualifying session! The record time is 2' 06"! Gagh! They must be flying up there! I can hear them buzzing away softly in the background as I speak, as well as hearing a running commentary on local radio. No, I'm not "into" motor sport, but it's very surreal hearing it on the radio and hearing it for real off in the distance! GO HOLDEN!

Totally randomness... back in the band days, we use to have many 'in-jokes"... one of them was our pretend 'Tribute' Heavy Metal Band, "Bollika" - a mish-mash of Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Metallica, Spinal Tap styles loud electric mess etc etc. When people used to ask us what we were doing (after we'd broken up), we'd used to tell them we'd become "Bolika" - fun to say just for their incredulous reactions! heh heh. Weren't we norty? lol

Listening to the radio a few weeks ago, the local Parliamentarian, Gerard Martin, was promoting some new Government website - except he got the address horribly yet hilariously wrong. He slowly and clearly stated:
there was a momentary pause, followed by the friendly announcer correctly saying "". hahahaha. Red faces all round in a small studio somewhere, I'm sure! If I hadn't have heard it with my own ears, I just wouldn't have believed it. What on earth are the Government exploring online lately, hmmm...? hahahahahaaaa.

I love when the moon is on the wane... that amazing 3D effect... to my minds' eye the moon seriously looks like a huge floating ball in the sky... like some old 1970's YES or Pink Floyd album cover or something!!! Most other times, to me, the moon seems just 2-dimensional! Bring on the end of the month!

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On October 06, 2006 7:42 PM, Blogger Deadly Female said...

The sole of a shoe???

On October 06, 2006 10:06 PM, Blogger Mallard said...

Nope. Not even close. But... keep trying! [wink]

On October 09, 2006 1:12 PM, Blogger caroline said...

i'm going with pillow?


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