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Monday, October 02, 2006

(*) Sunny Afternoon's Sail

I spent yesterday and today (Sunday) pottering about on my little boat. Here's some updated photos for you to check it out. There wasn't much wind, but that's OK... gave me the opportunity to get used to sailing again after a few months of hibernating thru the winter. My new (snd-hand) sail sounds so crinkly and new! Sets really nicely too. What a gloriously sunny day tho - perfect for sitting beside a quiet lake under an umbrella with a picnic lunch! What a life, huh? heh heh. Two solitary seagulls, obviously lost 300kms' from the sea, pestered me the whole time I was there... screaming for a feed. I told them in so uncertain terms to 'shove off'! A wonderfully relaxing afternoon. Mind you, I spent like 45 minutes straight practising my 'tacking', because I was so rusty at it. Now my legs ache from all the jumping about! Talk about a couch (computer?) potato? heh heh

Speaking of photos, here's a few newer ones I've taken recently too.
  • The boys - growing up fast!
  • Sydney revisited - some of the places I grew up around, and some other bits...
  • Carcoar Dam Sailing Club - where I sail from.
  • I took this one coming home... just an interesting image of a hedge along a lonely country road...

Week 191
I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Taxes :: Yeeeeah, I'm the Taxmaaaan...
  2. Hooray :: for Everything!
  3. Justification :: of sinners
  4. Shocking :: Blue
  5. Bureaucracy :: cobwebs and strange
  6. Porn ::pron
  7. Silly :: reality
  8. DJ :: JD, my eldest!
  9. Swing :: Factor, a local Big Band
  10. Anti- :: Ads (Doug Mulray, Sydney radio, 1980's)

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On October 03, 2006 12:47 AM, Blogger gammamoma said...

You've got some handsome boys there Mal! Nice pics of them too!
I see the resemblance to you in all their eyes too!


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