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Thursday, October 05, 2006

(*) Here's comes the Race Madness

You know when a medium-sized country town goes slightly insane - when it's the Mt Panorama Race Weekend... every man and his dog (seriously) seems to have descended upon us to pay tribute to motor racing legend Peter Brock this weekend. Downtown this afternoon, I nearly fell over when I saw a queue... for the BOTTLE SHOP!!! hahahaha Campers buying cases and cases of beer to take atop the Mount... geebus... glad I'm staying indoors mostly this weekend.

Even tho I'm about 2km's from the Pitt area of the racetrack, during the day I can hear the 'buzzing bees' of the racing cars doing their thing off in the background. Quite surreal sometimes.

Out to Carcoar Dam this weekend for me. I'm bringing a local chap in a wheelchair out on Sunday, so he can go for a sail in one of the Access dinghys with Sailability.

I finally bought myself one of those 'memory card' thingies for my little digital camera. I thought I was happy with being able to store like 19 photos in the internal memory... now I can hold like 300+ hahahahaaa!!! So, be prepared for all sorts of images appearing about the places from now on.

Randomness... I know starting a small business is hard, and the aspect of having a market 'niche' is vital... how about the guy I saw driving around at the local Vetinarian's this week... "Pet Cremation Service"... how's that for a specilized business, huh?! lol

And, to just make your day complete, I now have a whole weeks' worth of 100% cotton boxer shorts! I'm now an absolute convert!

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