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Monday, January 08, 2007

(*) My brothers' in Cairns

I go a quick call from my only brother all the way up in Cairns earlier tonight. He's moved up a few weeks ahead of 'C' to get things ready in their brand-new house. he said it's been pretty hot up there... and when he needs to, he said he just jumps in their pool for a few minutes! What a tough life! heh heh. Nah, he sounds well, happy and excited it's all happening and becoming a bit more of a reality for them, I guess. 'C' should move up in a few more weeks. It looks as tho soeone has finally bought their Blue Mountains house at last! So, thankfully, it *has* all worked out well for them in the end! Yay!
Caroline asked how far is it between us now? Well, to drive betwen here and Cairns in Far North Queensland, it's only a short trip just 'up the road'.... 3,000 km / 1,865 miles! Gagh! Driving is more-or-less out of the option! Flying is tho... maybe once or twice a year.



On January 09, 2007 1:20 PM, Blogger caroline said...

how long of a drive is it for you to visit him now?

Well if you go visit at least you know you have a pool to jump into


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