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Sunday, January 07, 2007

(*) Happy Feet

If you haven't seen "Happy Feet" yet - do yourself a favour etc etc etc! Ya, it's a great feel-good flick! A Penguin animated musical! heh heh The boys and I went yesterday, and we loved it! Great, no, AMAZING animation, great lovable characters, great songs, good plot.

The boys are looking great! Josh seems to have grown again in just two weeks. SJ and Ix (ages 10 & 8) are at that 'lovely' stage of picking on each other endlessly, so after a few hours I kinda got a bit cranky with them. Altho they still tried to push a few 'boundaries' with me ("You wouldn't act like that if mum was here..." hahahaa), they still know I'm their dad, and responded! heh heh I felt terrible that I roused on them... I know I've lost touch with day-to-day parenting. Fuck divorce! lol Actually I was feeling physically awful by mid-afternoon, which didn't help my mood. Silly me!

Instead of going home to sleep, I went for a long drive, just to unwind a bit. I was upset at myself for getting a bit narky with the boys. Not their fault... that's what kids do! heh heh. I ended up driving out to Oberon and across to Wallerawang (about 200 km / 125 miles), taking a few photos (which I'll publish later today). I *did* feel a bit better within myself afterwards tho.

I've been updating the Carcoar Sailing Club webpage with some old photos we'd been sent, thanks to the website!

The other day I blew a fuse in my car, and changing it meant I knocked out my CD player somehow. I couldn't get it to accept the Code to make it work again! Gagh! Yesterday morning, I thought I'd try to put the Code in again, and bingo - it worked first time! Apparently when you enter the wrong code, it kinda defaults to take another minute each time you retry to put it in. I guess that's why I couldn't get it to work the other day! Anyways... at least the boys had their 'doof doof' CDs to listen to in the car yesterday! heh heh

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On January 07, 2007 5:52 PM, Blogger caroline said...

I really want to see happy feet but i will wait till it gets to my store which is in march. I am glad to hear that it was good.


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