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Monday, January 08, 2007

(*) GetOUDdait

gagh... I didnt sleep well last night, hence I'm feeling like poop today! It didn't help that a neighbourhood cat decided to start singing from my back fence (right outside my bedroom window above my head) at 4.30 in the am! It bolted when I growled out loud, "GetOUDdait...!" That did the trick, but left me wide awake, heart racing etc etc. Dang!

Hopefully I'll hear back from the Laser dealer people and I'll be able to pick up my new parts for mah boat in a few days - toes crossed. Why am I so eager? I wanna rig it up again and make sure it all works and fits together properly again before I take it out in 2 weeks' time at Oberon. I'd take it out again on my own mid-week, but I dont wanna find myself stuck out on the water in some kinda trouble without anyone else being around... that'd suck majorly big-time! heh heh Needless to say, as I said the other day, up at Oberon, I'll sail my ass off, just getting some practice in. And I'ma gonna need a LOT of that!

Oh... ol "Spaghetti-for-Brains" is still at it... he got banned from an online discussion forum for being rude, insulting and just plain annoying with everyone (not just moi) - and somehow he's wanting to blame me for his actions. I'm being an adult about it and ignoring his inflamatory negative coments, always trying to pick a fight with me - and it's driving him insane by my not reacting by not responding to them! Poor bugger :( I'm just thankful that his derogertory remarks aimed at me are in plain sight of all the forum administrators, who promptly banned him!

Week 205
I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Incomplete :: humanity
2. Bobby :: Lonon policeman
3. Chopstick :: Hang Sing at Blayney
4. Trauma :: divorce
5. Hesitate :: he who does is lost
6. Leap :: of Faith
7. Magnify :: the Lorf
8. Yards :: tick Handicap
9. Alexander :: Mr Boo!
10. Fracture :: San Fransico

December 18, 2006

1. I get about __one_____ telemarketer phone calls on a daily basis.
2. I never call anyone after ____nine o'clock___ at night.
3. I never call anyone before ___eight o'clock____ in the morning.
4. I DON'T screen my phone calls via caller ID.
5. I really should call ___Raven and Sedate____ more often.

Yes – they are back - and at it again!!!

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