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Thursday, March 01, 2007

(*) Rain shock

Hmmm... the interview this arvo went exceptionally well. It's a 3-day-a-week position with the Job Network Provider helping the financial administrator. The only drawback is... they said they'd call back this arvo - and they never did. Maybe they'll do me the decency of at least calling me tomorrow to tell me I was unsuccessful? rofl. We'll see...

Spoke with JD and Ix tonight too... we're spending Saturday together at the annual Royal Show here in town. yay! I haven't seen them much over Feburary for various reasons, but I'm just aching to hang out with them again. They told me that they went for a drive tonight to check out a small bridge nearby - that had been washed away from some of the heavy rainfall yesterday! Blimey! Apparently while they were there the water level came up a bit and washed some more of it downstream! heh heh. No damage done... it's just a small local dirt track and they were quite safe. But still a spin to watch a bridge disappear in a flooded stream! heh heh

What a surprise... more storm showers passed through today! Whoo hoo! Apparently out at Carcoar they've had like 125mm/5 inches of rain this week! Whoo hoo! Let's keep 'em coming and fill up the dam! Tho I'm sure at the moment the ground is in 'rain-shock', wondering what to actually do with all that water! Most of it would have just sucked straight down into the ground, I'm sure. Now, let the runnoff all go into Carcoar Dam - pwease?!?

And yes... the new battery for my laptop did in fact arrive today. It's in the process of being discharged and re-charged etc etc, to get it working to its fullest potential :) Seems to work well. I didn't realise how 'clunky' the keyboard on this machine is, compared to the laptop... gagh!

This arvo I've been getting mellow listening and enjoying the velvety-honey tones of Van Morrison's two early albums, "Astral Weeks" [1968] and "Moondance" [1970]. The guy has the sound of the holy! Awesome!
Van Morrison - Astral Weeks Van Morrison - Moondance

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