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Thursday, March 01, 2007

(*) Address Books

Well, fingers and everything else crossed, my regular readers should have received a notification of my new email address by now. Well, I hope so... I spent about and hour-plus going thru TWO different address books on two different computers... what a mess! My pet project for the immediate future [computer-wise, that is] is to update and tidy up my address books! Gagh!

I think my laptop battery has arrived today as well... there's a note to pick something up from the post office. Now I'll be able to not only update my address book on that thing, but update the Carcoar Dam Sailing Club webpage and add some new photos and bits and pieces as well. Whoo hoo!

For the first two or three days after my housemate got back from her Cambodian/Vietnam holiday last week, she was really really quiet. She's normally quite loud and vocal... not a problem tho. It's just her way, and I'm quite tuned to it now and it doesnt affect me at all. Tho her quietness was rather noticable... me, feeling paranoid, was thinking maybe I'd done something I shouldn't have done or other while she was gone... But all it was was that she was SICK! She'd been puking her guts up for about 4 days on her way back home, poor thing! I had no idea... I must have missed all the evidence in my in-and-out-of-the-house travels this week! No wonder she was so quiet! Alls' back to normal tho.

She hasn't found a place of her own to purchase yet, which is fine by me... it puts off having to start cleaning up (while I'll stay here and take over the lease of this place OK) and finding a new housemate. Oh well [shrugs] Oh, I mean... this place is clean and neat and tidy and all of that. It's just doing things like giving the flyscreens a clean - I havent done them since I've moved in! That's over 3 1/2 years ago! Gagh! heh heh. The rest of the place is fine tho, even the back grass with all this rain. It's just been a matter of trying to find the right time to cut or whipper-snip it between afternoon storm showers each day! Anyways, my housemate beat me to it the other day... she went out and bought her herself [and her new place, wherever it'll be] a small lawnmower! Gagh! The funny thing is... there's not really enough grass here to warrant one! But, good for her. That pesky grass is growing back already! Gagh!

At the moment I'm listening to some mellow jingle-jangle pop by The Sundays, on their 1992 CD album "Blind". [Random thought... this style of music was known as 'shoe-gazing'! lol. I hadn't heard of that before! heh heh]
The Sundays - Blind

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