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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

(*) I don't know

Today would have been my 15th wedding anniversary. How do I feel about it? To be honest, I don't know...

My brother sent down some photos of his new place up in Cairns! I'm so excited for them. I saw an incomplete 'design house' of their place before theirs was built, and now seeing the photos I can appreciate how everything is laid out. It's just great! Lots of personal touches, but of course, as is with moving [let alone into a brand-new place] they're still discovering new ways and places to place little bits and pieces. Their garden is all set-up [of course!] and everything looks so GREEN! Their little swimming pool looks so inviting! And he keeps asking me "When are you coming up? Your room is all set up and waiting for you." I'll have to start planning to take the boys up in the mid-year School holidays, when it isn't so hot up there. It wouldn't matter what time of year - they boys would be spending their whole time in the pool or playing on the beach! heh heh The joys of the sub-tropics!

I can't remember if I've commented about this movie before, but...

"Flushed Away" is simply BRILLIANT! The boys and i saw it the other week at the cinema, and we all thought it was just one of the greatest things going around! We've been huge fans of Wallace and Grommitt for years, and Chicken Run. So the style was totally familiar with us. Tho this time it was all CG rather than claymation - and you'd never know! They've totally kept in style with the feel of Aardman's characterisations. But the main thing are the lovable characters, great storyline - and it's hilarious. Do yourself a favour... ya seriously, it's a beauty! As soon as it comes out on DVD, Ima gonna grab a copy. It's that good!

Well, I'm now officially a sailor! hahhahahaa. This week my membership with "Yachting NSW", the official sailing organisation here, came thru. It's a bit of a spinout... now being officially recognized in a funny way for doing something that I simply love doing? Sailing! The reality is that I needed to be a YA member to sail at the Belmont State Championships next week. The joys of officialdom... oh wells.

I've spent a few days pottering on my computer getting it back upto speed. Basically tidying files and folders up - it was a mess [I guess]. It'll be catch-22... now I probably won't be able to find anything on here now I've cleaned up. Silly me.

Oh the noes! They're at it again!!!

On This Day...

Born: Rik Mayall [comedian, 1958]; Henry Purcell [1659]; Arthur Lee [muso, 1945].

Died: Aristotle [322 BC]; Stanley Kubrick [director, 1999].
Events: A girl falls off the balcony [and is uninjured] watching a Rolling Stones gig at the Palace Theater Manchester in 1965.
Useless Trivia: There are 22 seperate bones that make up the human skull.

My Soundtrack: CD albums "Harvest" [1972] & "After the Gold Rush" [1970] by Neil Young.
Footwear: bare butt nekkid!!!

Weather: overcast and rather mild - lovely.

A fly and a flea in a flue
Were imprisoned, so what could they do?
Said the fly, 'Let us flee!'
'Let us fly!' said the flea.
So they flew through a flaw in the flue.

"Excuse me, which way is the stage?" (Audience member, lost at Altamont, 1969.)

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