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Monday, July 18, 2005

My Pet Mallard

My Pet Mallard
Pat him, walk him, feed him and hear him speak!

adopt your own virtual pet!

(Thanx to Caroline for the idea!)

Week 128

I say ... and you think ... ?
  • Tolerate:: al things in moderation
  • Release:: June 1985, and that bloody big Sanyo sign at Darlinghurst!
  • My soul:: a collection of images
  • Sax:: and violins, sax and violins - the TV is always full of sax and violins...
  • HP:: Howard Prosser
  • Worth::Woolworths
  • Rockstar:: Surprise at East Hills
  • Terrify:: 4x4 between your anjles and a mallet, aka "Misery"! Ack!
  • Knock me off my feet:: Kathy Bates - I saw 'Miserty' for the first time on DVD yesterday! Ack!
  • Taunt:: Your mother smells of elderberries!

  • Check out the Title-O-Matic - when you just can't think of something to name your post... (thanx to Six Impossible Things...)

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