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Saturday, May 28, 2005

(*) Something positively performance enhancing

Hiya and hoopy begrundings, Blog Paige. This post was written last night but posted today - the joys of having a housemate who net-surfs as well! lol. The Right Hon. Sir Fishie 'Perry' Thoon VC OBE sends you his most aquatic greetings and salutations - I think... he's grown to 9cm's long now - those No-Doze Sudafed caffeine steroids I've been feeding him with his fishie food lately must be doing something positively performance enhancing for him...

I think I've twiddled and tweaked this latest version of my blog so it's alright - but I'd still appreciate any feedback about how it looks/performs etc. I'm still using Netscape, so any pop-ups/ads get blocked immediately - but when I tried it on IE you get pop-ups! D'OH! Sorry 'bout that! It's all's fault! (It's a free redirection service - perfect for occasions like this when my blog has changed, but the address remains the same!) Thank gawdness the pop-ups are
clean ads - annoying tho. If it's an issue - pls let me know, and I'll see if I can do something about it, alrite? Ta.

I've finally remembered to become an organ donor... I've decided to donate a Hammond B3, A Wirlitzer P76, and a Roland electric piano (D'oh!)... well, I won't be using or needing them after I'm gone... not that I'm planning on going all that soon...

One of the immediate benefits of mum's passing is an amount of cash from her bank deposits will be available for my brother and I in the next few weeks. At last - I can pay-off ($xx) in farking debts all in one swift hit - they're mainly from Uni fees and Uni associated stuff! I HATE being in debt! I should have enough of this immediate cash to probably [i] get a new/updated computer - something with more than 1GB HD!!! (yes - this one I'm using now has only ONE GB - and it's like 85%+ full and fickle!!!), and [ii] definitely get the car fully serviced and wheels/brakes etc checked etc etc etc. I picked up the last bits of mum's furniture from her unit earlier this week, and it all fitted easily into the back of the garage here - at least the car still has plenty of room to live in there too. Now... what on earth am I going to do with TWO TV's?!? hahahaa. The extra bookcase came into immediate use - it's full already! I'm glad it all fitted in here - I was wondering about having to use one of those pay-by-the-month storage facilities, but it's all worked out so well - thankfully.

Mum's place is finally on the market - my brother painted it up inside and it looks great (not that it didn't look bad anyway, but to help it sell, you know...), so we just sit and wait to see if anyone's interested at this stage. It may take upto 12 months to sell - being realistic. It's been almost 2 months' since mum passed away, and altho I've caught myself now and again going to give her a phone call (D'oh! lol), I'm still really feeling quite fine about it all. I dropped in on mum and dad's
memorial plaques the other week - a very surreal experience... not a negative one, because for me "they're not there", you know? I don't see that place as their 'graves', but more as a spot for the boys, my brother and myself to have a place to remember their lives. But it's weird seeing their plaques together like that... very final, which is a positive, really.

I've got a whole pile of old photos of myself and all sorts of things from mum and dad's old albums I'll scan this weekend... that should prove very interestingly memorable. There's a drawing/painting I did as a 5-yo of a kangaroo too that I'm going to frame for myself - I've just gotta find a good spot to put it tho... The National Gallery, perhaps...?

I've got a long-short story to happily write about all the funny and crazy things that went on and I heard of in that plum packing shed over that month, I can tell you! But - that's for another time! Awww...

The boys are seeking sponsors for the upcoming Read-A-Thon - it's all for charity - and they get to read as many books as they can possibly deal with... time to dig out all the Dr Seuss books again! Whoo hoo!

If you get a moment, check out the funny photos in the Photo Gallery of the Message Board! There's also a heap of (new) jokes I've received over the past little while I've posted on there too.

weebl weebl and bob are at 'it' again! Ack! hahahahaa - enjoy some silliness.

On This 27th Day of May...
Born: Cilla Black (singer, 1943); Isadora Duncan (actress, 1878); Vincent Price (actor, 1911); Neil Finn (muso, 1958).
Events: Buddy Holly & The Crickets release their first record in 1957.
Useless Trivia: Water is wet.
My Soundtrack: "Rubber Soul" - The Quarrymen; "Everyone Is Here" The Finn Brothers
-2 at night, cool/cold, breezy & overcast today! Winter is here - at last! The ugh boots are out and on!

There was a daft gardener from Leeds
Who swallowed six packets of seeds
In a month the poor ass
Was all covered in grass
And he could not sit down for the weeds.

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On May 28, 2005 3:37 PM, Blogger caroline said...

I'm really glad that things are so positive for you right now. Hope that it stays that way.

On May 28, 2005 5:36 PM, Blogger Alice said...

Hi Mal,

I am using Internet Explorer and haven't had any probs so far with pop-ups.

I too am thrilled that things are going so well for you - you deserve every bit of it!

On May 28, 2005 6:21 PM, Blogger Mallard said...

Thanx Caroline and Alice - I appreciate your kind words - really! [blush!]


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