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Monday, March 13, 2006

(*) Kinda blues

It's always amazing what a few hours makes to help a difference in my mindset... I'm hitting about 4/10 again, which is just fine... a whole lot damn better than being stuck in 1/10 for sure! I was terribly sick at like 4am last night... I had dhiarreah like I've never had it before... I hope I didn't wake my housemate, but I needed a shower... yeah, I know... tmi, but, you know, life is messy! heh heh.

Stoopid inet... I was downloading some stuff from a friend of mine in Moldova, and thanx to being still stuck in the dark-ages of a dial-up modem it was taking a few hours... anyways, with 13 minutes to go before it was to finish, my ISP drops out, doesn't it? Gagh! Oh well... the joys of technology.

I'm listening to a CD that was recommended to me that I picked up a few months ago... Peter Wolf "Sleepless" - it's kinda blues... I'm likin' it. There's the occasional Rolling Stone doing some session work, so it's got that casual laid-back vibe I enjoy.

Random... Thoon my fishie is going just wonderfully! He still dances and seems as happy as a goldfish can possibly be, you know...

Sunday, March 12, 2006
Using the letters in the word 'MONDAY,' list things that you do (or would like to do) in your spare time.
Make music
Observe the eclipse of the moon
Adore my sons

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On March 13, 2006 5:58 PM, Blogger caroline said...

Good to hear your alright mal!
I'm so used to you writing all the time that i worry when you don't post for awhile.

Hope you and your boys are doing great.


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