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Saturday, May 28, 2005

(*) Photo Time!

Hiya Paige. I had 2 job interviews yesterday... one as a salesperson with a camping supplies co, and another networking with local volunteering organisations. I'll just have to wait and see. Aint it funny... nothing, then 2 within an hour of each other! You should have seen me all scrubbed-up and dressed to kill - well, dressed to work...

It's photo sharing time, folks!

[*] Here's some of those old photos I scanned today... these ones are all of me when I was just a kid! Awww... wasn't I cute? Whatever happened to...? lol

[*] Here's a pic of the boys taken late last year, wearing their 'wedding clothes' - cuteness personified!

[*] This pic is one of the last ones we have of my dad, from over nine years' ago. The top one is huge rarity - my dad at the sink actually washing up!!! M took it as proof! hahahaa. (Yes, that's me in the old khaki shirt...) The lower pic is dad with his mum, my Nan Marge, who also passed away 8 years ago now.

[*] This one didn't seem to scan so well, bugger it. But it's still pretty good considering I'm still trying to get the scanner I was given to work effectively!... it's my brother with the three boys taken back in 2002, in my brother's amazing gardens.

[*] Here's the three boys with my mum, back in 2000. How they've all grown! Yes, mum's lap was never quite big enough for all three at once!

[*] Back in 1999 we lived on a 52-acre property at Illford on the side of 'Mt Vincent' - in the middle of nowhere atop the Ranges (1,000m up - it did snow mid-winter!) The top pic is of the playground JD and Seb had practically to themselves - whenever a camp wasn't in residence, that is! Lots and lots of beautiful bush to explore in too. The lower pic is the little cottage we called home... but it's taken just before I built (by hand) a post-and-rail wooden fence around it! Yes yes - the sky really WAS that amazing shade of blue.

[*] JD still adores his little brothers (this is with Seb aged c.1), even tho they drive him nuts sometimes... the joys of siblings, eh? hahahaa.

[*] Was JD really that little once?!? Now he's taller than my shoulders! Yes, I haven't always had a beard and glasses, you know...!

I hear it asked about the place... so, who IS Nanny Whip?!? The Footchair has been updated too.



On May 30, 2005 12:18 AM, Blogger broomhilda said...

Awww Mal, you were such a cute little boy!
Your boys are are gorgeous of course, they look very handsome all dressed up.

On May 30, 2005 9:02 PM, Blogger Mallard said...

Why, thank you, ma'am! lol


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