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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

(*) Such is life

Wierd experience yesterday... turned on the light in my room... "POP!" The actual bulb popped straight down onto the bed and bounced onto the floor... didn't smash tho. Not the whole light globe - just the glass bit! The metal bit remained in the fitting! I've never had anything like that happen before! The whole bulb - unbroken - just laying on the floor! Altho I remember when I was living in Gosford I turned on a light - and it literally just exploded! Sheesh - tiny bits of glass everywhere. I'm thankful it didn't go everywhere this time, but just sat on the floor rolling slightly up at me. Bizarre, to say the least. Stoopid light blubs!

So much for cheap cut-price competion for the local petrol stations - the place I've been getting fuel at for the last 6+ months has just closed down! Ack! Probably couldn't survive against the other major fuel suppliers in town, poor bastards. Needless to say, it's back to paying full-price for fuel again. Not that I have to do that very often lately... I haven't needed to put any in my little car (which is going just fine, by the way) for about 3 weeks. It's about 116 cents/litre here at the mo.

JD's 12th this birthday... still haven't been able to negotiate a time or place to be with him yet... it's farking depressing.

Body clock is upside down again at the present... at midnight I feel like I should be getting some dinner happening! Ack! A positive spin with it is that I've managed to have some nice long chats with friends I don't normally get a chance to, with the time differences and all.

No hits or anything re. the ULC/Rev Mallard site yet - that's OK. It's just an experiment exploring my spiritual journey a bit. I'm pretty annoyed having to change some of the privacy settings on it and my message board after some nasty mungrel* left some horrible comments here last week. All gone now - they didn't win, you know, and I'm just getting on with it all again. One step at a time. Thanx to my ISP and Blogger for their helpful help.
*Just for those mungrels!

A thought - when was the last time you updated and changed your password? I didn't change mine to 'thoon' or 'password', either lol. Did I ever tell you the story about when I was working casually for the Electoral Office a few years' back, using their new computer system and wizz-bang software and stuff (at the time). Despite all the training into figuring out how to use it (and it never really worked properly anyway - d'oh!), they told us the secret password, which was - you've guessed it, 'password' !!! That's the public service for you!

Have you Pinned my Guestmap (on the right) yet? Love to see where you come form - I'm a visual learner, remember? haha. Plus if you could give me some constructive feedback about the experimental photo galleries I've recently re-uploaded, I'd appreciate that too. It's all trial and error still - even after being online for over five years... such is life (Thanx Ned Kelly & Syd Nolan).
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