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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Kelso High School Fire

The after affects of a fire which totally devestated one of our two major public High Schools here goes on... after two weeks authorities are no closer in discovering the cause of the multi-million dollar blaze, which may have been caused by an electrical fault (latest reports indicate). The original story's here as is my blog post.

The whole town community is rallying together behind the kids and staff of this big school - they lost practically everything.

The boys mum, who went to the school herself, showed me thru it when I first came out here about 12+ years' ago - it was a big big school - now there's nothing left.

Kids are being accomodated in different schools and venues across town, while there's a mad rush to try and build at least some demountable buildings on the school oval in time for the start of term 4. In terms of rural community spirit, it's awesome to see how things are coming together, but it's still a big loss for the local area.

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