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Thursday, November 03, 2005

(*) Looking forward to the weekend

Seeing the boys on Saturday arvo (fingers' crossed), and two sailing races on Sunday should see me feeling pretty wracked by Sunday night! But - looking forward to it! Just gotta fingure out exactly what the boys and I will be doing for Sat arvo, because their mum demands to know so she can feel justified to let them spend time with me? I dunno... if I don't tell her what we're gonna be doing, she just says 'no'! Sheesh... oh well, doesn't matter - my time with my boys is our time and I'll tell her whatever she wants to hear. lol.

More beautiful rain! We had like an inch-plus on Sunday, and it's popuring outside as I type! Lovely! The drought's not over in many parts of the state here, but we'd be pretty close to having it broken by now. At least our local water supply is full and overflowing - unlike Sydneys... sheesh! Even Carcoar Dam is almost at 20%, so there'll be some better sailing this season, the locals said the other day.

Well, here's todays funny pics for you to explore...

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