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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

(*) Beautiful natural image

Just got a phone call from my brother... he's managed to get two free 3-day passes to the Easter Car Races up here at the Mount! he's never been to anything like that, so, for a change - I'll take him somewhere! heh heh I'm not 'into' the whole car/motor racing thing anyways, but its still something that needs to be seen/heard/felt/smelled/experienced to believe!

JD has his first parent/teacher night at his High School tomorrow... of course, being the 'parent who doesn't live with the child' I wasn't directly invited, so I've been told my the school [who apologised deeply!] to just kinda turn up and hope I can slot into a vacant time! heh heh.
I can't believe it - a WEEK after mum's estate came tho, I STILL haven't seen a freaking cent of it! Bloody solicitor! Hope he hasn't pissed off to South America or something! heh heh... last word was hopefully this Wednesday/Thursday - fingers' crossed. JD can't wait for his new puter... hey, you remember being 12 and how you can't wait for something exciting to arrive, huh?

My body clock is absolutely back-to-front! I realised [I know it sounds stoopid] that my depression-cycle has kinda led me down the path of like sleeping 12-hours a day [I know! It's disguting!], and it's just thrown everything topsy-turvey emotionally and even health-wise. I also realised that I haven't actually sat-down and answered *any* emails for over a month! I guess... I've just retreated right into my shell a bit again... I didn't really realise it [yeah, I know, it sounds so obvious - to an observer, but I don't have any 'observers' in my life at the moment! lol]. The lights came on for me yesterday when I spoke to my brother for his 52nd birthday... after I hung up I burst into aching tears! I had to stop and kinda question myself where the hell *that* came from! heh he. Yeah, as you guessed, I'm going thru a 'lonely' period just at the moment... no biggie, I guess.

Let me end this post on a positive note. Driving to the Sailing Club the other month, I slowed down as I passed a horse and her young foal in a paddock next to the road near the dam... she was so pretective of her foal, kinda nuzzling it away from the fence to keep it safe... I mean, the foal must have only been a few days old or something, all legs! it was just a beautiful natural image of how parents care for their children.
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On March 29, 2006 5:18 PM, Blogger caroline said...

Have fun with your brother! Hopefully you will start feeling better once you can make your kids happy.
I wish you all the best mal...take care!

On April 01, 2006 4:30 AM, Blogger Patty said...

So pleased to se you back on pattycam, we have missedyou! Hope you are feeling better, and sorry to hear about your Mum, in anytime.


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