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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Imagination List

Imagination List (With the hugest thanx to Pattycam)

1. What color is the letter "S"? - a light redy/pink.
2. What does happiness look like? - the smile on a young child's face laughing.
3. What color is today? - today is a deep hazy purple.
4. What does purple taste like? - purple tastes like blueberry muffins.
5. What does your self-image sound like? - crackling and splitting
6. What texture is the color green? - green is smooth, silky, slightly dewy.
7. What color is the smell of your favorite scent? - orange.
8. What does love look like? - love looks like an elderly couple walking thru the shops holding hands.
9. What is your favorite sense? - hearing.
10. What color is your favorite song? - blue.
11. What texture is your favorite scent? - bumpy yet smooth, slightly cold.
12. What does winter sound like? - the sound of wind moaning in a fir tree.
13. How old is the letter "P"? Ageless.
14. How does the letter "M" feel? It feels magnificent being in the mid-point of out alphabet!
15. What color is the fragrance of soap? Aqua.



On April 01, 2006 5:12 AM, Blogger Deadly Female said...

My favourite sense is hearing too. Oh and touch. Can't forget touch.


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