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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

(*) Next of kin

It's ... a little bit 'fresh' this morning.... -6c / 21f ... brrrr!
I received an interesting phone call early this morning from my brother... he was awoken at 3am this morning by a knock at the door... 2 policemen were standing there, and he knew straight away... one of our cousins in our small family had passed away 'under unknown circumstances' last night.

Yeah.. heavy! This particular cousin has been threatening to 'do herself in' for absolutely years... my poor brother, who is technically her 'next of kin', has received all these horrendous phone calls over the years day and night and talked some common sense into her along the way...

From what he can understand, she was found laying in the street not far from her home last night, so until the Coroner makes a judgement as to what actually happened, we don't actually know what happened to her! Hmmm...

I haven't seen her in literally 25 years, but only spoke to her at Xmastime on the phone. I never really 'knew' her at all, but I only heard all these second-hand horror stories thru my brother, who at time just got fed up with all her shenanigans... now that she's actually no longer with us, it's really kinda a shock!

Sometime in the next week my brother has asked me if I would come with him and help clean thru her few meager possessions in the inner western Sydney suburbs... more for mutual support, I think.

Oh well... our small family... we're dropping like flies nowadays! heh heh Sorry... I don't mean to sound facetious, but I dunno what to think about it all, to be honest.

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On June 18, 2006 12:31 PM, Blogger caroline said...

so sorry to hear about your relative. I hope that if its wrong doing, they will catch whoever did it.

On June 18, 2006 10:00 PM, Blogger Mallard said...

Thanks, Caroline. Ya, it's quite a surreal experience to be involved with, even tho I'm not involved... the funeral will be 'interesting' as my cousin surrounded herself with some 'interesting' characters... hmmm... it'll all be fine, tho.


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