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Saturday, June 03, 2006

(*) Funny Times

Well, for the first time tonight, in the almost-three years since I've been living here, my housemate came home absolutely incoherently leglessly drunk! hahahahaaa! The doorbell rang and a group of swaggering girls poured my housemate thru the frontdoor, instructing me to 'look after her'! heh heh. No problem... I led her to the loo, made sure her bed was turned down, gave her a clean towel, pumped some drinking water into her, before I heard her stumbling around her room! Then all was quiet! [giggle]

She had to travel about 2 hours to play some sporting game or other at lunchtime, so I assumed she and her teammates hit the pub when they got back home again! heh heh

What was so funny - I've never seen her that drunk before! I've seen her pretty sloshed but still rather in some control, but not tonight. For one split second, I thought... "Oh no! I hope she's not an aggressive drunk!" But, not at all! Totally helpful in her almost helples state! heh heh

I'll let ya know how she survives in the morning... she's supposedly going to work tomorrow... heh heh. Knowing her, she'll wake up feeling fine - just tired! I dunno how she does it! heh heh... mind you, I remember doing the same thing a few times in my life in the past, so... at least I could see it from that point of view.


Yes... unbelievably, she awoke the next morning feeling fine, just a bit tired! She even went out and reported on a local sporting game that afternoon! Amazing! Mind you, she kinda slept all the next night tho! hahahahaa


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