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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Monday Musings

Sunday, May 15, 2006
Fill in the blanks...

1. If I could change ONE thing from this past weekend, it would be ________. [spend more time with my boys]
2. One of my favorite recipes includes ________. [honey mustard chicken]
3. If things don't go as originally planned, I tend to ________. [spontaneously go with the flow]
4. My daily routine is very ________. [non-existant!]
5. The one television show I will probably miss, since the season is coming to an end, is ________. [Catweasel]
6. I have a calendar hanging/sitting on my ________. [wall beside the kitchen]
7. I'm really ________ about changing the calendar when the day/month changes. [lethargic]

Week 172
I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Yours :: Mine
  2. Charcoal :: Shampoo
  3. Platitude :: Gratitude
  4. Graduation :: Finality
  5. Hungry :: Fungrys
  6. Somewhere :: in Time
  7. Nurse :: Respect
  8. Freak :: Cam X Man
  9. Unbelievable :: The water of the Great Barrier Reef
  10. Walk :: not enough

Yes... they are at it again! Gagh!!!

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