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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Automatic Poetry Generator

Can't write poetry to save yourself? (And that's got a histoprical precedent as well - ask the ancient Greek prisoners who had to recite 2 lines from a really good Greek play to their captors - or be excecuted!!) Try this automatic poetry generator for a bit of fun...
(NB. My favourite lines are italicised!)

Totally mournful beyond the dreamscape

Sinister and florescent behind the mud
We draw glowing ghosts against the flowers
Be aware! The end is born
Sinister and dazzling in the bullshit
I violate glowing rats within the sky
Be aware! The birth is born
Totally mournful beyond the dreamscape
We confound big eggs near the spirits
Alass, Alack! The sin shall flee
greying altered
not understanding
a trace of sadness
In whose arms
my friend
take another road
while the world changed
So mammoth near the water

I am red behind the virgin
You taste mammoth ghouls beside the tomb
Be aware! The King is gone
Strangely damp near the flowers
I squeeze numb lights beside the fog
Alass, alack! The life is no more
So mammoth near the water
You feel electric disasters above the fog
Dig it! The end has died
alone defiant
never meeting
empty hands
Where in the end
the witness
go without luggage talking to himself

Don't forget to stick it to the farking terrorists and tell them "You are Not Afraid".

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