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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

(*) Satisfying hearing

My catch-up meeting with the boy's two school teachers late this arvo was a really positive experience for all of us. The boys are progressing and learning really well - each are a bit ahead of their age-skills-level in many areas, which is great. Basically - they are having a great time in their little school community - which I already knew, of course - and are well liked socially by all their friends there. How cool is that? JD's portfolio was full of great stuff, which I was able to take my time to peruse thru with much pride and pleasure. I'm very excited they're going so well there. I knew they were, but it's just very satisfying hearing it directly myself. I think I was stressed about meeting their teachers in a funny way - I know M's said some pretty negative stuff around there about me (not thru the boys, mind you...), but their teachers are really lovely, informative and friendly. Being part-teacher myself, we're able to talk about learning concepts at a deeper level, which helps make things clearer for me in lots of ways. It's a plus for me to be able to 'talk shop' sometimes! lol. Apparently Seb and Ix both enjoy the drums when they do music... poor M! Oh well, if they wanna play the drums when they get older, at least they've got the space at their home to go to a shed up the back paddock and make all the noise they wanna with their drums! hahahaa.

Mmmm... mushroomy spaghetti bolognaise for dinner tonight - what are you having...?

I've been reading before bed each night another of Tom Sharpe's great English comedic novels, "Grantchester Grind - A Porterhouse Chronicle". He's a great author who literally makes you laugh out loud every few pages. It's an easy read - he writes in a very simple, upfront style that shows his characters to be mirrors of all those stupid, moronic or manic people we've all stumbled across or worked with from time to time! Other wonderfully funny books of his include "Blott on the Landscape", "Wilt", "The Wilt Alternative", "Wilt on High", "Indecent Exposure", "The Great Pursuit" etc.

I looked down at my left wrist about 5 minutes ago, and realised my hugely-expensive new watch had broken - not bad for an outlay of $2.50 which lasted for about 5 weeks! Bugger! hahahaa. Talk about cutting your losses!

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Do you smoke and want to stop? Today is National Give Up Smoking Day.

On This 31st Day of May...
Born: John Bonham (drummer, 1948); Clint Eastwood (actor, 1930); Walt Whitman (poet, 1819); Peter Yarrow (singer, 1938).
Died: Timothy Leary (LSD, 1996).
Events: The Doors play the Mexico City Bullring, 1969.
Useless Trivia: The world's lowest road is beside Israel's Dead Sea - 393m below sea level.
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On June 01, 2005 7:36 AM, Blogger Alice said...

That's great news about the boy's schooling. The free flow of information and feedback is sooo important for everyone concerned. You did good!

I had Beef Stroganof for dinner (minus the sour cream) last night which is not entirely unlike mushroomry spag bol!

On June 01, 2005 3:18 PM, Blogger Mallard said...

Oooh.... HOW can you have it WITHOUT the sour cream...?!? isn't not possible! hahahaaa.
Yes yes - it's good to keep informed and fedbacked - absolutely.
Mal :o)

On June 01, 2005 3:27 PM, Blogger caroline said...

I like when the teacher keeps me informed about my kids. They are both doing really well.

Dinner was quick and dogs and mac and cheese.
tomorrow i will splurge and do stuffed chicken breast with gravy. :) yum

On June 02, 2005 6:13 PM, Blogger Mallard said...

Oooh caroline - I'm inviting myself over for dinner tonight, then! Chicken! Whoo hoo! hahahaa.

Yes, it's hard being a divorced dad when it comes to being totally involved in my children's lives - I HATE it, to be frankly honest!

Mal :o)


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