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Sunday, August 21, 2005

(*) Sunday Mutterings

The working bee at the Sailing Club was postponed this morning, bugger it - it was too wet and cold to be climbing on tin roofs and stuff... pussies! pmsl! So, I've had a quiet day resting, reading (Robert Lowell's Biography by Ian Hamilton), and listening to the sweet idiots on the radio. Hopefully the bit of rain will top-up the dam level beyond the 12% at present! Ack! I bought my first thing thru eBay yesterday - a life jacket! I saved about $40! Well, it all helps... gotta pay for my blogging fetish somehow, you know... lol

So, have you seen a Phoon lately? No, not a thoon... a Phoon. A whaaat...? A Phoon, naturally.

I've updated the links page, and the galleries and ponderables have been refreshed as well... even the dishes are done and the washing's up-to-date... it's been a quiet weekend. Thoon's been enjoying his new filter - life is good (the goldfish equivalent, anyway!)

Week 133
I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Fan:: screaming your head off in a large crowd
  2. Scum:: bathtub [oh oh! lol]
  3. Lily:: Pictures of (The Who)
  4. Humid:: cheese
  5. Ghetto:: Crying in the
  6. Remember me?:: sorry...?
  7. Polished:: canteen of cutlry
  8. Compose:: of decomposition
  9. Squish:: elevator
  10. Future:: is history

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