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Friday, September 09, 2005

(*) Bloomin Marvellous

I'm feeling a whole damn lot brigher now... thanx to putting myself back on a very mild anti-depressant. My GP (doctor) is a good man and asks the hard questions, and I'm comfortable enough with him to be able to answer them too. My 'black dog' is basically a simple chemical imbalance in me noggin, and it seems if I don't keep on top of it it creeps up on me and takes over... holy shite... it's fine now tho. One side affect is that it just makes me feel so tired (that always happens for the first few days... just my body/system getting used to it again), but it's fine.

Hopefully it won't be too cold to go on the Edgell Jog with JD on Sunday... it's a local community fun run, but the weather might be an issue... last year it sleeted beforehand! They're predicting storms for Saturday, so - finger's crossed. Also hoping that JD's foot will be fine... we're sure it will be. He's up and running around chasing girls again with no after affects of having his leg in plaster.

The cricket's on again... the fifth ashes test, it's the 'grand final'! Aussies are doing pretty good after the first day (it's evenly poised at the moment, I'd say), with the Aussies at 7-319. We *need* to win this game to win the series, and the ashes! Carn aussie!

Wierdness... the things people search for on the net... and somehow stumble across my blog! "enhancing sudafed "... or what about "pregnancy myth busters string" - strange stuff!

Got my last thing on eBay yesterday - my second lifejacket (now I've got one for the boys and one for myself)... perfect for sailing in my little boat... only cost me $46.50 incl. post - considering they're like $75+ new!
- the new one, which I'll wear in the boat
- this one'll be like a spare the boys can wear when they come out sailing with me, or with the sailing school they have thru the club too.

I'm still hunting around for one of these... haven't had any luck so far tho...

I've been doing a bit of poetry doodling again too... nuttin' too serious, just experiments.

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On September 09, 2005 9:36 AM, Blogger Raehan said...

Hope you are feeling better soon.

On September 09, 2005 9:43 AM, Blogger Mallard said...

Yes thank you, a whole lot better.

On September 10, 2005 1:24 PM, Blogger caroline said...

glad your doing much better. my stomach was in knots the whole night and i prayed that you could not do it.

Hope you have fun sailing with your boys. we love taking our kids out on the water and fishing.

I hope that the jog goes well and its not too cold for you two. Funny to say that when we are in our 80's over


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