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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

(*) Eisteddford

It’s Eisteddford Time again! It’s when all the young people from the region get a chance to air their talents in a strict competition in front of an audience on the local Entertainment Centre stage. Today the boy’s school choir sang their two numbers - very well, I may add! It’s very cute, as it’s a small school, so there’s the whole size range from JD in Year 6 looking about 7 feet tall to the kinders who look about 2 feet tall!

BUT - the highlight of the day - something I won’t easily forget - happened earlier in the schools’ choir session. Half way thru it’s second song, one boy in the back row from another local school decided a projectile vomit would be a good thing to do all over his fellow choir members (nerves? bad food? who knows?!) He bolted for the side of the stage, poor kid! But - the two girls standing in front of him copped all of it, but despite that the whole group soldiered on like troopers and just kept going without batting an eyelid. The girl in the front row just kept singing, despite huge tears rolling down her left cheek - I mean, it was all in her hair! Every heart of every parent in the audience went out to this girl, who just kept going, despite obviously feeling absolutely horrible! As soon as the item had finished, the teacher/choir mistress gave her a big hug and led her off - to a very loud round of applause for their combined mighty effort in keeping going despite the huge distraction! The girl who’d been standing next to her had been standing with her left arm kinda sticking out a bit from her side as she sang - she, too, didn’t stop or waver in the least. It wasn’t until she had to turn to exit the stage that it was obvious that all down her side was the evidence of her obvious discomfort! Eewww! Yeah, our combined hearts went out to those kids today. I’m sure they’d get a high commendation award or something for just keeping going strongly thru all of that unrehearsed disaster! A very memorable choir session at the Eisteddford!!!

When a stagehand came armed with mop and bucket soon afterwards, he received a rousing cheer for his fine command performance! It was very funny and bizarre to hear peals of laughter at such a serious competition - but it helped break the ice for the next school choir who had to front on the same stage, the floor still damp from the mopping...

The boys went really really well - their music teacher led them so well and they respond so well to her. They looked as tho they were having a lot of fun… I mean, they’re old hands at this sorta thing now… I think this was their third year! Lol.

The boy's mum occasionally acts like a nice person (just kidding... no, I mean... oh fark... forget it! lol)... she's given my brother and I copies of two really nice enlarged glossy photos of my late mum taken with the boys, about 6 months before she passed away, when she was looking quite good. That's really nice, hey? They're getting framed tomorrow. If my scanner (or the port, I think...) was working properly, I'd scan a copy and post one here, but...!

- oh my gawd! They're at it again...!!!

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