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Saturday, October 22, 2005

(*) Filling-up lake

I'm going pretty well at the moment, considering I've just had a major 'rug pulled out from underneath me' life incident happen to me! I've been working over the past month driving a laundry van picking-up and delivering to local hotels and motels - and absolutely loving it. The place employs handicapped people to work in the laundry, and that's been good too. Unfortunately, because of a 20-year old criminal conviction that's still on my record, the Board and it's legal people have finally decided that they don't want me to work with them any more. My immediate manager fought tooth-and-nail to keep me on, but apparently the desicion was out of his hands. Bugger. I was really happy there too, and having enough money to actually start planning to save towards a house deposit was nice too. Now that's all been put on hold.

I thought I'd be an absolute mess about it all, but I'm somehow feeling quite fine about it. I guess it'll sink in in a few more days, I guess?! Back to being unemployed again, bugger it. At least the upside is that I'll be able to have lots more time finishing off my Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment study by the end of the year - and spend some more time seeing the boys too now. Yes, I'm still feeling quite happy with life, despite another hiccup along the way! Oh well, it happens, eh? lol

I've been out sailing in my little dinghy twice now, and absolutely loving it, even if there are a few sore muscles complaining after their lack-of-use after too many years away from the water! Sailing season proper starts next week, so that'll be great. I'm enjoying meeting and slowly getting involved with the little club in the middle of nowhere beside a slowly filling-up lake! Yes, the rains have been falling out here, and water is running again where it just hasn't been for a few years - whew, thank gawd for that!

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