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Friday, December 23, 2005

(*) Thoonish Begrundings

Hiya Blog Paige. Hope you all have a fantastic and positive festive season, however and with whoever you celebrate it with.

About 4 days before Xmas, my mobile phone decides that would be a great time to just up and pffffzzazz on me. Not too bad, considering I’ve had it for like 6 years or something! I’d been thinking of updating my phone anyway, so this kinda forced my hand. I got myself a Nokia 1110 for just $79 - plus I get to keep my old number etc. yay. My mobile is a glorified answering machine for me anyways, but as I’m doing a bit of travelling in the next week I didn’t want to be without access to a phone. Yay.

Some of you noticed my cryptic comment at the start of my last-ish post. Well, basically, I have a special friend. The only difficulty is - she lives in Colorado! Look, I know the limitations of internet long-distance friendships, and I’m fully conscious of taking things very very carefully and slowly. We’re just good friends, anyway. No - really! Haha.

I’m hoping I’ve uploaded one or two pics from the boy’s school presentation night from last week. They’ve had a great year scholarly-wise. Last Saturday the four of us spent a few hours at the local pool, and I had just the best time - well, we all did. Alex just sat down next to me and chatted like for ages and ages, just really enjoying catching up with things in his world with me. That just charged my inner batteries for months, let me tell you! Looks like we’re hitting the pool again this arvo - they’re predicting weather in the mid-30s c / 95f, so the pools’ sounding like a good plan.

I went to go sailing on Sunday, but it was so ridiculously windy I couldn’t even get my sail onto the mast! Needless to say, twas funny after the glass-like conditions of the week before. Still, the Sailability boats went out with a few handicapped people, who had a ball - I helped out a bit with them as I was all dressed up with nowhere to go, including life jacket! Haha. Those little Sailability dingy boats are virtually indestructible, and just hit the water in all that wind like nothing was the matter. Perfect for people in a wheelchair!

Afterwards about 20 of us on the Sailing Club had a small Xmas Party and BBQ get together. Twas the first time I’d actually seen everybody all together at the same time! People can’t always make it every week, but it’s a nice small very friendly and welcoming club - I’ve been made to feel really really welcome. Just cause I love the sailing is as side issue, surely…? Hahahaa.

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On December 28, 2005 3:46 PM, Blogger caroline said...

Hope you all had a great Christmas! Hope that you and the boys are spending lots of time together and sailing and just plain having fun! Here was covered by snow and then we have been getting lots of rain that is melting the snow that we got away. But all in all not too bad.


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